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1Find the Best Lawyers in Costa Rica

A wide array of Attorneys and lawyers here in Costa Rica will help you in every specialty of the legal system you might need as the combined experience goes over the hundreds of years

2Specialty Lawyers & Attorneys

If you are ever trying to find the best lawyer for the specific problem you have then we can help you in that because we've got the best lawyers of the country willing to help you

3In every location

Our lawyers are not only based in the capital but also around the country and also travel around to meet the clients as they are partners in business most of the time


“I was very surprised at the speed at which I was taken care of with my real estate issue in Costa Rica, definitely something admirable”

-Roberth Meek

“Something outstanding what these guys put together for me in my immigration and real estate issues, it was solved extremely fast for what I considered it was going to take forever!”

-Timothy Mullin